Detangling your natural hair can be super frustrating [and that is putting it kindly].

However, pain-free detangling is possible and requires proper planning,  use of the right techniques and  adoration from sensitive scalps.

The absolute challenge lies with ridding yourself of old thoughts that appear as solutions. You know you've had several.  They sound like this:

  • “Where is the scissors?”
  • “I need to speed-dial my stylist for a relaxer ASAP!”
  • “Would they notice the middle if I pull it all together in one.”
  • “I am not doing this again, not until …three months have passed.”
  • “How do you untangle curly hair?”
  • “Why did I go natural!” [Don’t choose this one ;-) ]


Wait. wait. wait. We have great news. Detangling natural hair is a simple and rewarding skill that anyone with natural curls or afro-textured hair can learn. That's what this post intends to teach you.
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To begin,

What Defines Being Natural?

Instead of lecturing you with our version, here are Four Powerful Definitions on Being or Going Natural:  

Firstly, according to Merrian-Webster Dictionary, 'Natural' means
​Firstly, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, ‘Natural’ means ​Firstly, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, ‘Natural’ means ​Firstly, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, ‘Natural’ means 
a. closely resembling an original: true to nature b. marked by easy simplicity and freedom from artificiality, c. having a form or appearance found in nature. –natural hair  - 
Additionally, Oxford Dictionary has this to say about the word, 'Natural':
1. Existing in or caused by nature; not made or caused by humankind. 2. of or in agreement with the character or makeup of, or circumstances surrounding, someone or something.
Let’s leave the books and see what these two natural hair enthusiasts have to say—        

Blogger, Rayna of Happy Curl, Happy Girl defined being natural as:
 …[Y]ou do not have any chemical on or in your hair to alter its natural curl pattern, For example:  Relaxers perms, and texturizers are chemicals applied to the hair to change a person’s natural hair pattern. A relaxer is a chemical that straightens the hair and alters the natural hair texture.
And finally, in her June 13, 2014 article ‘What Does Going Natural Really Mean?’, Jessyca Marshall  of Natural Hair Mag delves deeper when she wrote:
There is a liberation associated with letting go of perms, weaves, and wigs and baring one’s true self, as nature intended. People also tend to connect with their cultural identity and self-esteem […] ‘Going Natural’ has been shown to produce a great healing affect among men and women, whatever their definition. It symbolizes to many the act of releasing ideals and images that are not achieved naturally, and standing true to one’s self.
Now, you have an idea of why you should detangle and which natural hair we are referring to, here is the next big question.

What Do You Need to Begin Detangling?

What Are Some Common Benefits of Detangling?

Detangling is not just a stage of the natural hair care process for naturalistas everywhere. It has quite a number of benefits. Detangling
  • removes shed hair.
  • minimizes frustration
  • makes natural hair more manageable to work with and style.     
  • minimizes breakage
  • and aids in hair growth and retention
All the more reason for you to detangle, but all these benefits are only yours when you detangle correctly. Let's look at your surroundings.

How do You Create the Best Environment for Detangling?

It is important to schedule your detangling session [and don’t be alarmed with the use of the word session.  Detangling may take thirty minutes.] Scheduling the time, reduces the hassle of having to rush through the process because you have to go out or go to work. [Haven’t we all been there?] Just remember less hassle occurs you are least likely to tear through your hair.

Secondly, [and this is major] always check your emotions. It is the worst feeling knowing that you spend three to six months protecting and loving your hair only to tear through it because a ‘non-hair situation’ made you upset.

Finally, before you untangle matted hair, get your tools and detangling products together. Every chef preps before cooking. [Yes, it is that serious.] Why shouldn’t you? And as soon as you have gotten it all together-your tools and the perfect environment - please don't have this kind of approach to detangling your hair. It is not dangerous.


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Why Finger Detangling is a MUST

Besides diving in and using your fingers to become one with your natural hair, finger detangling is supreme because your fingers are like pain supervisors, who walk the corridors of your scalp, quenching fiery quarrels, parting the knots and tangles while ensuring your scalp does not become a victim of the friction, a.k.a pain. Your fingers find knots the way no comb can.


So this question remains.

Besides my Fingers, What Can I Use to Detangle my Natural Hair Without Ripping It Out?

[While there are many detangling brushes on the market, ​this is the brush I've used and love.]
Announcing Don’t Break the Comb’s NEWEST product offering: Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush.

What are Some Benefits of the Detangler Brush?

  1. Add some peace and quietness to your scalp with one amazing tool.
  2. Easily detangle damp or soaked matted hair.
  3. Minimize breakage.
  4. And keep your growth goals on track for the year.
This brush will take the drudgery and chore out of the detangling process, allowing you to improve the overall health of your hair.  Oh yes! Less breakage is a sign of super happy hair. 

How do You Use Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush?

​To get started with the Detangler Brush, remove hair tools and accessories from hair and watch our new How to videos below.
And the best part is you get to clean up your new Detangler Brush in no time.  So, are you ready for a  new repeat-worthy experience called detangling? Would I be right if I said there is nothing like feeling a calmness on your head? Your hair will give you a standing ovation once you detangle pain-free.


Let's recap
In this 'How to Better Detangle Natural Hair, Pain-free' post, we answered the following questions

  • Why you should detangle your natural hair?
  • What defines being natural?
  • What do you need to begin detangling?
  • What are some common benefits of detangling?
  • How do you create the best environment for detangling?
  • Why finger-detangling is a must?

And introduced our product offering

  • Besides my fingers, what can I use to detangle my natural hair?
  • What are some benefits of the detangler brush?

And combined both detangling techniques and tools

  • How do you use Felicia Leatherwood detangler brush?

How Should Your Scalp Feel During/After Detangling Your Natural Hair?

Like this sleepy baby!  Isn't she adorable! COMMENT BELOW


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