Rochelle Ward is the chief curl connoisseur at Don't Break the Comb, the St Martin-based natural hair brand

Hair Goals or Not...

You may have arrived huffing and puffing into the first Saturday in the new year. This is your first weekend to take a breather from the go go go excitement of the holidays. And there are still things to do!

Maybe, you are sitting, salivating and enjoying a meal, ignoring for a moment the tasks needed to ignite your hair goals into action.

Maybe, your hair sits on your head, strands folded into a wash-me-sometime-soon style and you linger since the chill is still in the January air and the flu is circulating amongst households like an uninvited visitor. You're thinking if I wet my head now, it has to dry within the hour. There is definitely no plan in this new year to get sick. (Fingers crossed)

Maybe, you are wiggling under the hand of a braider, locking in a late New Year look now while you can, now that everyone else is taken care of. You are lost in conversation, putting in the time.

Maybe, you're sitting still after hauling the half-empty or full glass and plastic bottles from your product stash and making keep, toss and giveaway piles. The general cleaning is done. Your decor is already on point, but now you want to get rid of what you are not using and replenish what is working.

Maybe, you are looking straight at your phone screen admiring your new cut or color, checking to see if it still makes you as giddy as it made you feel a week ago when you rang in the new year, grateful and looking your best.

Whichever one of these maybes you are living through, I want to wish you a rewarding new year of growth and beauty. Don't forget how awesome you are. Let's continue our journey together.

Wishing you a phenomenal 2023,

Rochelle, your humble Curl Connoisseur

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