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Sassy Little Hot Head
Sassy Little Hot Head

Sassy Little Hot Head

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This microwaveable deep conditioning cap is ideal for your mini diva. She can wear it on the wild side or the alternative side depending on the way she feels. Little Hot Heads are 18” in diameter and when stretched ranges from 17” to 30.

Click here for the matching adult Hot Head. 


10 Benefits of Hot Head Heating Cap

- For ALL hair types

- Super easy to use

- Various designs to reflect your style 

- Reversible & reuseable

- Get salon-quality treatment in your own home

- Cordless so you have the freedom to move

- Contains flaxseeds (environmentally friendly) 

- Enhance store-bought or DIY hair treatment

- Sufficient heat for a 20-45 minute treatment 


How is Does Hot Head Work?

 Maximize your deep-conditioning regimen and results by adding heat. Heat lifts the hair cuticle, allowing the treatment of your choice to penetrate into the hair strand as oppose to close cuticles that cause the treatment to simply sit on the hair. Hot Head keeps the cuticles open during your treatment session and enhances your hair by nourishing it from the inside out.